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Store your excess energy or charge your battery during offpeak times.

Take Your Renewable Energy System to the Next Level!

If you're eager to achieve complete self-sufficiency for your property regardless of weather conditions, battery storage could be the solution you're looking for. By incorporating these efficient systems into your current setup, you can store surplus electricity to use during cloudy days, nighttime, or periods of increased demand.


This maximizes the benefits of your renewable energy investment. With the assistance of Use the Sun, integrating battery storage into your solar PV package or as an add-on in the future is straightforward.

If you're contemplating battery storage, we can evaluate your requirements and provide sincere, valuable guidance to help you make a well-informed decision."



Our commitment extends beyond mere storage. We're dedicated to delivering top-tier products to our customers across the UK, which includes Givenergy storage systems. These systems not only store the electricity generated by your renewable setup but also employ intelligent tracking by monitoring weather forecasts. They proactively charge the battery in anticipation of potential power cuts.

With numerous distinctive features, Sola Renewable Company Ltd encourages you to contemplate upgrading your current system or incorporating our battery storage into your new setup. This ensures a reliable solution, resilient against any weather conditions. Contact our team today to explore whether this option suits your needs.


How much does it cost?

Batteries come in different sizes. 

Batteries with an AC-coupled inverter start at £4,500.

For a 13kW Givenergy battery with a Gateway backup, prices start at £8,000 fully installed including VAT. Extras are unusual and include very long cable runs etc.


What guarantees do I have?

Givenergy warranty offers one of the longest battery warranties of 12 years. 

Get in touch with our team

Speak with one of our certified energy advisors who can provide further details about our products and their potential benefits for your home or business.

Book your FREE survey

We offer no-obligation surveys. A skilled energy advisor from our team will conduct an assessment of your property, evaluating both energy usage and financial implications, and furnish you with a comprehensive quotation for the system.

Speedy & Quality installation

Our installation teams of experienced roofers and electricians will perform a speedy yet high quality installation, most domestic installations can be completed within one day.

Get up and running!

Once installed, we'll ensure you're good to go! We'll also register any renewable energy systems with the DNO and RECC, and send you all MCS & EIC paperwork.


Go solar today and enjoy the benefits for years to come! Contact Sola Renewable Company to book your free assessment.

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