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Commercial Solar installation
UK coverage

Collaborating with businesses to cut emissions and minimize electricity expenses.

Investing in solar energy systems for businesses offers substantial advantages to both large and small industrial and commercial enterprises. As energy costs continue to rise, transitioning to renewable sources like solar power becomes increasingly prudent. Many business owners have already recognized the considerable potential for cost savings with solar energy. By leveraging the available roof space on commercial properties, agricultural structures, factories, warehouses, schools, or hospitals, innovative and low-maintenance solar power systems can be installed, enabling the generation of renewable energy.

We are a reputable supplier committed to delivering forward-thinking systems designed to provide rapid financial returns while adapting to the evolving needs of businesses in Hertfordshire and across the UK. Collaborating closely with you throughout the entire process, from planning to installation and completion, we ensure a seamless transition to sustainable energy solutions. Let us help you make the switch to green energy conveniently.


What warranties do you offer for my business?

Inverters tend to be guaranteed for 12+ year. Panels are generally guaranteed for 25-30 years. We also provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

What are the costs?

Prices vary depending on the size of the system and the requirements for installation. For a 50KW system, prices start at £50,000. For a 100KW system, prices start at £85,000.

Get in touch with our team

Speak with one of our certified energy advisors who can provide further details about our products and their potential benefits for your home or business.

Speedy & Quality installation

Our installation teams of experienced roofers and electricians will perform a speedy yet high quality installation, most domestic installations can be completed within one day.

Get up and running!

Once installed, we'll ensure you're good to go! We'll also register any renewable energy systems with the DNO and RECC, and send you all MCS & EIC paperwork.

Book your FREE survey

We offer no-obligation surveys. A skilled energy advisor from our team will conduct an assessment of your property, evaluating both energy usage and financial implications, and furnish you with a comprehensive quotation for the system.


Go solar today and enjoy the benefits for years to come! Contact Sola Renewable Company to book your free assessment.

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