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At Sola Renewable company, we take great pride in being MCS-accredited installers, but what does that mean exactly?

MCS, or the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme, is a reputable organization that sets renewable energy standards. Obtaining MCS certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality service and upholding the Consumer Code. By adhering to industry standards and providing exceptional customer service, we strive to deliver a 5-star experience to our valued customers.

Whether you're interested in Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, or an EV Charger, rest assured that you're in capable hands when you choose Sola Renewable.

Why MCS Matters in Solar Energy MCS certification covers a range of low-carbon installations and renewable energy products, including Solar PV and solar Batteries. Supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, MCS aims to instil consumer confidence in green technologies by upholding rigorous standards.

Launched in 2008 with the support of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the MCS scheme has provided peace of mind to countless homeowners seeking to install Solar Energy. When you select an MCS-certified installer like Sola Renewable company, you can trust that you're working with a solar business of the highest quality and expertise. Because settling for anything less simply isn't an option.

The Value of MCS Accredited Installers Becoming an MCS accredited installer involves passing a stringent assessment and undergoing annual audits to maintain standards. As an MCS-accredited Solar PV installer, Sola Renewable company demonstrates a commitment to delivering quality installations and compliance. Our MCS certification instils trust in the competence and expertise of our Solar Panel installers.

Being an MCS Accredited Installer is an esteemed honour for Sola Renewable company. It signifies the confidence of MCS in our ability to install solar systems and provide exceptional customer care. It also places us within a community dedicated to delivering excellent solar services and products. Just like MCS, we want to inspire confidence in home-grown energy, and we're eager to install it. After all, the more green homes, the better for our planet.

Why Choose an MCS Accredited Installer? Opting for low-carbon technologies such as Solar PV is a significant financial commitment, but it's also a commitment to a more sustainable future. By selecting an MCS-certified installer, you can be confident that you're making the right decision.

3 Reasons to Choose an MCS Accredited Installer:

  1. Peace of Mind: Choosing an MCS Installer ensures not only a high-quality installation but also provides peace of mind. MCS-certified installers are registered with a Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code, guaranteeing customer protection.

  2. Fair Assessment: As an MCS Installer, Sola Renewable conducts a thorough assessment of your energy needs before proposing the ideal Solar energy system. This assessment is free of charge and ensures that your needs are prioritized in our designs. To request a free Solar Panel system design from our team, simply click the enquire now button.

  3. Customer Care: MCS-accredited installers, like us, are committed to providing customers with a comprehensive handover pack. This pack includes essential information on customer care, user guidelines, and, of course, your MCS certificate.

MCS Solar Installers for a Greener Future Home Energy plays a pivotal role in achieving the UK's Net Zero target.

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